Policy advice & evaluation

PMG supports clients with policy and project evaluations to help them shape, improve, and transform actions.

Whether performing an insightful ex-ante or a data-rich ex-post evaluation, PMG applies rigorous methods and in-depth thematic expertise. For our tailored policy or project evaluations, PMG uses a combination of data-collection and analytical tools, including: intervention logic models, randomized control trials, propensity score matching, statistical and social network analysis, surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews.

IT Strategy and Governance

PMG is committed to help clients add value to their organisation, deliver public services, or implement policies through the use of technology in strategy, analysis and execution.

IT is playing an ever-increasing role in almost every public organisation development and delivery of public services. In some industries IT has been a strategic weapon and differentiator for years and most other industries will follow. The development of strategies, processes, products and services must integrate technological opportunities and limitations.

  • PMG designed a strategic plan for integration and further development of IT systems of the Executive Agency Automobile Administration, to improve
  • PMG assessed the integrated IT system of the Agency for Social Assistance, to identify gaps and needs, and proposed technological solutions that help the agency accomplish better its strategic goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Research and Studies

PMG’s advanced analysis, modelling and impact assessment solutions allow public institutions and clients to solve complex challenges, and design programmes that have real impact. PMG supports the development of programmes with by delivering a meaningful cost-benefit analysis, appraisals and social return on investment. Using techniques such as benchmarking, PMG can develop quantifiable assessments that will translate into effective practice.

Legal and regulatory analysis

PMG’s has carried multiple assessments in support the European Commission to ensure that EU legislation is fully and correctly transposed and implemented in the Member States. We have also support institutions and private clients with regulatory assessment and drafting or legislative proposals. Our legal works is carried out with rigueur, precision, and understanding of the broader political and institutional context.