Social Programmes

PMG works with governments and international organisations to help strengthen social services, and improve the life of vulnerable groups, by delivering evidence-based solutions.

  • PMG helped UNICEF to help assess the needs of the Bulgarian Child Protection System, and formulate solutions for improved services and care to vulnerable children
  • PMG supported an evaluation by DG Employment of the European Social Fund in Bulgaria, and the implementation of projects to support foster families and education of vulnerable children.
  • PMG supported and evaluation by DG Justice to assess the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies.

Migration and border security

PMG helps EU institutions and governments to evaluate and improve policies to manage migration and borders.

  • PMG helped the EU Parliament assess the costs of insufficient EU integration in the area of border and visa policies
  • PMG helped ICMPD assess the impact of EU funded projects in Belarus, Moldova, Tunisia, Morocco, and Armenia
  • PMG helped the Open Society Institute to understand better the plight of Bangladeshi migrants in Greece


PMG works with institutions and governments to assess the security threats to the European Union and its Members and the effectiveness of policy responses.

  • PMG helped the Center for the Study of Democracy in collecting data to assess the threat of organised crime in Bulgaria.
  • PMG worked with the National Commission for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings assess the work of its regional commissions.
  • PMG worked with ICMPD to assess the impact of EU funded projects on building capacity of institutions and NGOs in Moldova to combat trafficking in human beings.


PMG works closely with NGOs, governments, and EU institutions to design or assess anti-corruption policies that work.

  • PMG is supports the European Commission in monitoring corruption trends and anti-corruption reforms and policies in Bulgaria.
  • PMG has worked with the University of National and World Economy to support the Ministry of Transport in instituting anti-corruption reforms in the Executive Agency Automobile Administration.